FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Tiger Lily Vertical Fitness & Dance?

  • We offer amazingly fun, effective, unique, addictive, and affordably priced classes and parties!
  • Unlike other studios, we don’t overcrowd our classes! We allow a maximum of 8 students per class so that each student has their own pole and gets individualized attention from the instructor.
  • We allow you to makeup up 1 missed classes during a 6 week course as we understand that life just gets in the way sometimes!
  • Our clean, spacious, beautifully appointed studio encourages and inspires creativity and sensuality!
  • Our instructors are fitness professionals holding certifications in multiple forms of dance and/or exercise styles and are required to maintain all requirements of their certifications. We are truly passionate about teaching and are constantly taking courses and workshops to stay at the top of the industry. We take your safety seriously and maintain certification in CPR/AED and First Aid.
  • Our instructors are motivating, caring, empowering, enthusiastic, and just plain awesome! We don’t allow negativity or pretentious attitudes and we encourage all students to be supportive of each other. Our goal is to be sure you feel like a million bucks when you walk out our door!

Do I have to be in shape to take your Pole Classes or Specialty Classes?

Absolutely not! 90% of women that start pole dance classes think they lack the amount of upper body strength needed to even begin and most have no prior fitness experience. The truth is, everyone starts at the beginning! Yes, even our instructors were uncoordinated, clumsy, shy, weak, and not capable of doing the mind blowing stunts they now perform when they first started! No one is advanced when they start, it takes practice, patience, trial and error, and just old fashioned hard work and dedication!
All of our classes are taught with different fitness levels in mind. We offer a strength building and conditioning workout that can be modified to fit each individuals level. Our classes are for women of ALL shapes and sizes. Our classes offer multiple benefits, including weight loss, tightening and toning, building strength and agility, and boosting self confidence. The BEST part is that you are having SO MUCH FUN, that you don’t realize you’re getting a total body workout!

What types of women take your classes? Will I fit in?

ALL TYPES!! We allow women ages 18+ to take our classes. Our students come from all different backgrounds from college students to stay at home moms to lawyers and doctors. Everyday women are learning that pole dancing or vertical fitness, is extremely empowering and an amazing workout!

What do I wear or bring?

For our 6 Week Pole Classes In the Basic levels, students typically feel more comfortable in yoga capris or workout pants/shorts as well as a t-shirt or tank top. Bare feet are best for the Basic levels. As you advance, skin is best for gripping the pole so shorts or hot pants/booty shorts and tank tops or sports bras are best. We encourage wearing ‘exotic dance shoes’ in the more advanced levels as this provides a new dimension and challenge to your workout. We have studio shoes for you to use until you buy your own sexy pair, which will be available within our Boutique shortly!

*Most importantly is to honor your own comfort level! You will never be forced to do or
wear anything you aren’t comfortable with, so no worries!

  • Remember to leave all jewelry, rings, watches, etc., at home as we cannot be held liable for any items brought within the studio. These items can gouge your skin as well as cause damage to our poles and the item itself!
  • Remember to avoid hand and body oils/lotions on the day of class as they can affect your grip and may cause the poles to become very slippery and dangerous!
  • We have a dressing area for you to change and store your personal belongings, however, while we believe your items are safe, we cannot be held responsible for any items you bring within the studio.
  • You can bring your own yoga mat for your personal use, or we have clean yoga mats within the studio for your use.
  • We do provide bottled water for a minimal charge, but you are welcome to bring your own as you will be very thirsty after ‘working it’ out!

For our Specialty Classes/Workshops, since each one is unique, so is the dress code. Be sure to check the ‘Dress Code’ notes in the description of each Specialty Class!

For our Aerial Classes, the fabric slings used can be a bit cinchy, so leggings and comfortable, fitted tshirt or long sleeved shirts are required to protect the skin for your comfort. Also, yoga socks are great for providing good foot grip.

Is Pole Dancing/Aerial Fitness Dangerous? Can I get hurt?

As with any sport, fitness class, or physical activity, there is an element of risk and pole/aerial fitness is no different. To lessen the risk of serious injury, be sure to choose a reputable studio with certified instructors because with experienced instruction, you will be taught proper technique that will ensure your safety. Of course, accidents do happen, even in the best of hands, so we encourage you to listen to your own body and don’t overexert yourself or try tricks beyond your level of capability!

The most common injuries seen in pole classes are:

Bruises: the pole is metal and if your body bumps it hard enough, you may end up with a bruise. Also, with some tricks and spins, there are certain areas of your body that will have contact with the pole and therefore, may result in a bruise. (We call them pole kisses!) As you gain strength and coordination, your bruising won’t be as frequent. Also, pole kisses are GREAT conversation starters and our students are always proud to show you proof of their “latest accomplishment”!

Pole Friction/Chaffing: (pole burn) most commonly found on the wrists/arms, pole burn is sometimes caused by a lack of grip strength during spins or on the contrary, too much grip strength, but most of the time it’s caused by poor alignment of the arm and wrist by allowing the wrist to wrap around the pole. This can be corrected by constantly
being aware of, and practicing, correct alignment and technique as well as by grip strengthening exercises.

Slipping/Grip Issues: some students naturally have very moist or very dry hands and skin. Either issue can affect your grip on the pole. It helps to make sure your hands and skin are free of lotions/oils the day of class. Also, we offer several different special grip aids to help with grip issues so you can find what works best for your skin.

I have a previous injury, can I still take classes?

You are welcome to take classes provided that you bring a doctor’s note specifically stating the you are cleared for ‘pole dancing’, as our insurance requires this. Please make sure to let your instructor know of any past injuries or limitations prior to starting class.

I’m shy, what if I feel self conscious?

WE COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND! Truth is, we ALL started at the beginning and we’ve all felt shy or self conscious at one time or another, especially when trying something brand new! We promise that in the first class, everyone is in the same boat and feeling the EXACT SAME WAY, they just don’t admit it. It’s not a competition and you’re not being judged. If you feel like an awkward ugly duckling in the beginning, you can look forward to turning in to a gorgeous swan over the course of the session! Ultimately, it’s about having fun, feeling good about yourself, getting into the best shape of your life, and building wonderful relationships with your instructor and your fellow students. Our instructors have the magic touch when it comes to bringing even the shyest student out of their shell.

I started taking your classes last session and I LOVE IT! I have friends that want to join now, can we be in the same class even though we’ll be different levels?

That’s the great thing about our multi-level classes! Friends that join at different times can be in the same class, provided the space availability and that they can all come on the same day and time.

I have previous pole dance experience, do I have to start at Level 1?

We encourage all of our students to start at the beginning simply because each studio uses different techniques, different formats, and different styles. We are sticklers for safety and sometimes we see technique that needs to be corrected and by starting at the beginning, you can be sure that you will learn many new things that will ensure your safety, enhance your technique and most likely improve your dancing! If you have previous experience and feel that you would like to join at a more advanced level, please contact us for a private evaluation and we can then determine your proper level placement.

Are men allowed?

Throughout the year, we have open houses, special events, fundraisers, and showcases in which students may bring their friends and honeys, so we do allow men in the studio at invite-only times.