About our Workshops

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Throughout our standard 6 Week Courses, we occasionally offer a variety of different specialty workshops, which are typically a one time class. Such specialty classes might include our StripTease Me! class to workshops taught by Professional Pole Champions! So sign up to receive our email newsletter for updates about our upcoming workshops and check our site often for event and news updates.

Upcoming Workshops!

Flips, Tricks & Combos with Anna May

Thursday, May 4th at 7pm

This workshop is all about connecting the dots to make dynamic static combinations. Go deep into the techniques of push and pull, core control, and static rotation to explore combos that look impressive and effortless at any speed or tempo.
Recommended prerequisite skills for this workshop are solid pole sits, solid climbing, upright pole holds (forearm grip, pencil hold/strong hold, split bracket hold), and basic inverts. $30

Booty Bounce with Anna May

 Thursday, May 4th at 8:15pm

Get your booty moving with this dance-based workout that will teach you how to pop it, shake it, and have fun on the floor. No pole experience required/open to all levels. Sound easy? This class will get you sweating!
Knee pads, leg warmers, or over-the-knee socks are strongly suggested. Shorts that make you love your booty are wholeheartedly welcomed! $30

Burlesque with Bobbi

Sunday, May 7th at 4pm

Learn how to shimmy, shake and striptease in this sultry 60 minute workshop! You will be learning a sexy routine incorporating chair, dance, and lots of sass.
Don’t forget your layers; props like boas, gloves, and heels are also encouraged.
No previous experience needed!  $30.

Handsprings with Anna May

Thursday, May 11th at 7pm

Learn a hardcore breakdown of handspring, cartwheel, and ayesha techniques in this workshop. A heavy emphasis is placed on safe progression and training practices so you can execute these impressive mounts with mastery, and without injury, for years to come.
Strongly recommended prerequisite skills for this workshop are: chopper inverts, ayeshas from caterpillar, extended butterfly, leg hangs, and jasmine. $30

Spin Pole Workshop with Anna May

Thursday, May 11th at 8:15pm

Learn the secrets of spin pole that will help you become the master of your momentum. This workshop’s in-depth breakdowns of fundamental techniques will help students adapt their static skills to the spinning pole.
Recommended prerequisite skills for this workshop are solid climbing and basic pole holds. $30

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Past Workshops


Shake, Straddle, and Roll

Floor rolls can be both sexy and acrobatic. Improve upon and learn new ways to roll, as well as transitioning into and out of them, to enhance your dancing repertoire. No prior experience required.

Couples-Only Valentine’s StripTeaseMe! Workshop

If you’re looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day, look no further, this special couples-only workshop will set it on FIRE! In this 1 hour workshop, you will work your partner into a fabulous frenzy with your sultry striptease, slinky lap dance skills, and sexy confidence. Caution: We can’t guarantee a full nights sleep after this sexy workshop! ;) Happy Valentine’s Day! Bring a pair of heels and an extra layer of sexy, easily remove-able clothes (ex: oversized button down dress shirt, skirt, wrap dress, etc) to learn how to ‘strip’ out of them smoothly. Dress code: Ladies~minimum of tank top/sports bra and shorts. Men~button down shirt with tie, jeans or khakis.

Lapdance 101

Want to put on your own halftime show during the Superbowl, surprise your partner with a special treat, or add something to your bag of existing tricks?

In this one hour workshop, you will learn to work the chair and the audience as we learn a chair routine.

Wear something that makes you feel sexy! (Layers are recommended, minimum pole shorts and sports bra required). Heels are optional and leg warmers/knee pads are recommended.


In this 1 hr class, you will use the tricks that you already have in your repertoire to build a fun dance routine! Learn how to creatively string together multiple moves to make your dancing feel and look more fluid.
Must have completed Level 1.

Tumbles, Flips, & Drops

Variations of tumbles, flips, and drops will be taught to those who have never tried it but are ready to explore low these movements to the ground. Students who are already comfortable with these movements you will be taught how to add on to our tumbles, flips, and drops aerially.

Stiletto Werkshop

From walking to floor work to pole tricks, stilettos add a different element to the way we dance. In this workshop we will be covering all the basics and learning stiletto specific moves as well as putting them together in a short routine!
Bring your favorite pair of stilettos!
All pole levels welcome.