Specialty Classes

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NEW CLASS!  Hoop Dance with Dizzy Dynamic (Alexis)


This 1 hour class is great for all fitness levels and perfect for all experience levels beginner to advanced! Beginners will learn technique, basic on/off body hoop tricks and transition pieces. Intermediate to advanced students will learn body roll variations, fun on/off body combos and much more!  Learn many tips and tricks to help keep your hoop around your legs, chest, and waist as well as off body, like isolations, weaves, and develop your hoop dance flow. You will get sweaty and have a ton of fun! Let’s learn how to connect your mind, body and soul through this epic form of dance! You may bring your own hoop if you’d like. We will have some hoops to use and also will have some on hand for purchase. ($15-$25 cash only)

*Dress Code:
Comfortable, easy to move in clothing: shorts, leggings, tank or t-shirt. Bare arms/legs helps with hoop control.


Flexi Fit

Yoga Booty Blast

This is a 1 hr class designed for all fitness levels that incorporates yoga, cardio, and muscle building exercises and is effective in strengthening the body and building overall endurance. We use our own body weight along with the dance poles, resistance bands, medicine balls, etc. to whittle away those problem areas and chisel in all those gorgeous muscles that tone, tighten, and rev up your metabolism to help your body burn even more calories and melt away the pounds! Then we cool down with a series of deepening stretches to help increase range of movement and flexibility. No pole tricks or dancing are taught.

*Dress Code: Workout wear (Yoga Pants, Capris, Shorts, T-Shirt or Tank top)

Chair Dance


Learn to dance your way on and around the chair in this in depth chair fitness and dance class. Throughout the session we will learn the art of strip tease, lap dance, chair tricks, posing and put together choreography for a completely polished routine! Perfect for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced! You may bring heels if you’d like, though it’s not required.  

*Dress Code: Workout wear (Yoga Pants, Capris, Shorts, T-Shirt or Tank top), heels are optional.